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02-25-2011 / algami

A Bit of An Explanation

I enjoy writing. I enjoy gaming casually. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, but for various reasons, have never gotten one off the ground.

The title of this blog is likely to change- I kind of like it, but it isn’t particularly meaningful (and I don’t, nor do I plan on, drinking, so its a bit more nonsensical than is first apparent). If I can think up a decent pun justifying the name, I might run with it. My username is also one I’ve never used before- astute readers (if I ever actually obtain those…) may notice that its simply the last two letters of ‘casual’ mashed together with the first four letters of ‘gaming’. Also, it sounds vaguely like “Alchemy” if it was being pronounced by a very drunk person… that might just be enough to justify the blogs title as it is…

In any case, I can’t say that this will wind up going anywhere- it would be far from the first web project I’ve abandoned.